This home is located on a steeply sloping and challenging rocky site which drops 50’ down into the waters of Pender Harbour. The owner keeps his two sport-fishing boats moored here in boat houses (a predominant theme throughout Pender Harbour). These conditions meant designing a home which terraced down the slope and provided access to the private dock. In addition, the program called for accommodation for a multi-generational family living together during the summer months.

The home is barely visible from the upper road, presenting a simple gable to mark the entry door. From the entry, the house extends in both directions across the site, affording views from every room. The master bedroom is ‘semi-detached’ from the main house and is thought of as a get-away cabin for the owners. From the main level, the house cascades down towards the water in a series of open and enclosed rooms with various purposes.

A strong, modern aesthetic is married to a language of exposed timberwork and gables with exaggerated, deep eaves. This is a house full of surprises – from the juxtaposition of the understated entry and grand ocean-side façade to the generous common areas played against the ‘getaway cabin’ master bedroom.