Still Point Architecture News

SEP 15, 2023

Late in November of last year, construction began on a new home on South Pender Island for a returning, former client. The project site includes an exclusive cove with sandy beach facing Bedwell Harbour, a wetland sanctuary and the upland forest where the home is situated. Photos of the construction progress will be up on the website soon.

MAR 20, 2023

The new Bowen Island Community Centre has been under construction, now, since early in 2022. While there have been challenges with both the site and building, progress has been steady. Like many projects being built during this time, the COVID pandemic has impacted the schedule. Completion of the construction is anticipated for late in 2023. See it here.

MAY 11, 2020

In the Spring of 2020, and largely due to the ongoing pandemic, we decided to close our co-op loft office on Hornby Street in Vancouver. Given the uncertainty of the time, I then decided to begin working exclusively from my home-office on Bowen Island. This has proved to be truly beneficial.

SEP 23, 2019

We have been working in collaboration with Principle Architecture Inc. on the design of a new Community Centre for Bowen Island. The design is complete, construction documents have been developed and the project is ready to tender for construction. We are only awaiting funding through a government grant program. See it here.

FEB 18, 2018

We’ve refreshed the Still Point Architecture website and launched it this month. Check out our architecture projects gallery on this site to see more about what we do, and what we can do for you. Client-centered architectural design is our focus.