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Contract and Construction Project Administration

Contract and construction project administration is a key phase in the building of a home – it can make the difference between a successful project or one that has more challenges than most of us want. Still Point Architecture can help you administer your project contract.

Once the house or building pre-design and program are complete and you have approved them, we move into the design and construction phases of our architecture services. The design work still requires input and feedback from you, however typically the construction component (including contract, documentation and project administration) requires less of your time – and often more of our time to ensure that your home or building will be built according to the design and specifications in the plans.

Three Phases of Architecture Services

  • The Design phase includes schematic design of the house and site and then development of the preliminary schematic design into a more detailed design of the building and project.  This work is inherently iterative – going back and forth, testing design ideas against the opportunities and constraints related to the site with the requirements of the plan. The result will be drawings and possibly a model showing the interior plan and exterior expression of the design. Floor plans, building sections and elevation drawings (façade studies) are a key part of this work. A computer-generated or card model is often built as well.

  • The Construction Documentation phase often has much less involvement on the part of the client – you.  The focus here is on preparing technical drawings which will be used for the construction of the house. Other consultants may be involved during this phase of the project. A geotechnical engineer, structural engineer, landscape architect and interior designer may be called upon to advise on aspects of the design and to provide specialized knowledge and drawings. The final package of documents (often referred to as “working drawings”) are used for building permit application and for detailed costing prior to beginning construction.

  • The Construction phase naturally follows the Documentation phase. A contractor is chosen for the project. A construction contract is drafted and signed. Still Point Architecture can assist by drawing up the contract between the client and the contractor. Then the construction can commence. The general contractor will work with various subtrades and, often, the contractor’s own crew to build the new house. Many decisions continue to be made during this part of the work. Most new home construction projects take nine to twelve months to complete. Contract and construction project administration is a critical element in ensuring that the design and construction happens according to plan. As the architect on your project, I can provide some project administration services which others cannot. For example, I can provide “field reviews” to ensure that construction is consistent with the working drawings and the design intent. If requested, I can also be directly involved with the payment schedule. Here, the contractor submits his monthly invoice (or “draw”) to me, not to the client. I will review the invoice for accuracy and then issue a Certificate of Payment. This process continues until the construction and the contract are complete, at which time I would issue a Certificate of Substantial Completion.

While this pre-design, design and construction process may seem complex, it is spread over quite a span of time and is undertaken in a step-by-step fashion. Most clients find the process exciting, engaging and are happy to have my assistance through all three phases of the design and construction.


The Value in Working with Still Point Architecture

My early history working directly in construction, coupled with my career as an architect, allow me to bring a great deal of understanding and depth to all aspects of your new home project. Finding an architect to work with you on your project can be challenging – I suggest that you review the architecture projects gallery to see the portfolio of homes and then contact me to set up a meeting where we can discuss your project.

(If you are contemplating a commercial project, you may well have some experience in project delivery, so this page may not be for you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the specific requirements of commercial, institutional and multifamily residential projects.)

Drew Rose, Architect AIBC
Still Point Architecture